TV Repairs

Reliable TV repair service

Has your set gone off? Stuck in standby? No picture? Intermittently letting you down? Whatever the problem with your television, why not speak to Airon Services for TV repairs in Chester, Cheshire, Queensferry, Wrexham, Ellesmere Port and surrounding areas.

Home service

You don’t have to worry about how you’ll transport your TV or equipment to a shop, we’ll come to you. If you need a re-tune, set-up or help in the operation of equipment we will do that in your own home. If your equipment is faulty we’ll need to take it away to repair and will return it to you in full working order as soon as possible.

All types of television

We deal with all makes and models, from the latest LED, plasma and LCD sets of all sizes, to the old style ‘cathode ray’ televisions. We have more than 25 years of experience in helping the people of Chester with their TVs and have a wealth of knowledge, so regardless of the problem we have the skills and expertise you need. We offer amp repairs, hi-fi repairs, audio system repairs and TV installations in Cheshire, Queensferry, Ellesmere Port Wrexham and surrounding areas.


We are frequently able to repair faults within 24 hours if we have the necessary spares in stock.


Reliable repairs from a first class company.